Our mission is to promote lifelong access and opportunities for people on the autism spectrum and their families, so they can be fully participating, included members of their communities. We do this through advocacy, public awareness, education, and compassionate support.

Our vision is to be the voice and resource for everyone who interacts with the autism community in the Hudson Valley Region. Locally, we are sustaining and growing our resource center to be a place for anyone who needs information about autism, that brings together members of the autism community. Statewide, we will be the driving force behind the development of a network of resources that promotes quality of life and opportunities for positive social experiences.


Our vision for our board of directors is a productive group of individuals with autism, families, and professionals from the autism community. They serve on the board because the work is inspiring, rewarding and enjoyable.

  Ellen Cordaro, President
  Jenn Ryan, Vice President
  Steven Engels, Treasurer
  Leah Siuta, Secretary
  Brian Liston
  Nicole Bronzi